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About Us

Southeastern Insurance Services is an insurance agency located in Chesapeake, VA. We first opened our doors in 2010 and immediately began helping local businesses and individuals properly insure their most important assets. We represent some of the nations best insurance companies, which has allowed us to provide our clients with the coverage they need at very competitive prices. If you are looking for an agency that will put your needs before theirs and maintain the highest level of service, then give us a call here at Southeastern Insurance Services and we will be happy to help.

SIS Mission Statement

Our mission is to form partnerships, in kind, with our clients in order to procure the most appropriate insurance solutions to meet their needs, and to provide ongoing service in a responsive manner with the utmost integrity.

Our Start-up Story

Not everyone has the "Entrepreneurial Spirit" that gives birth to new businesses. In fact, some of us are not risk takers at all; but, as you grow and gain experience in your chosen field, you begin to form ideas as to how you believe a business should operate.

I have worked for insurance agencies of varying types; from the small, family-owned agency to the giant, corporate broker. I finally came to the conclusion that, while, "Top Line Growth" and "Profit Margins" are important to any business, the real objective and focus should be placed on the customer .... That if you take care of the customer's needs ... all that other stuff takes care of itself.

So, I opened Southeastern Insurance Services. I left the world of numbers. A world that measures every marketing call made, every expense dollar spent, in order to drive profit percentages up. I left that world behind to continue to do what I have always done .... to focus on the customer.

It's a simple process that has proven to be successful. Our staff builds relationships with the people we serve, so that we can understand their insurance needs and exactly what they expect from the insurance buying process. We identify the best insurance programs offered by the quality carriers we represent, in order to satisfy these needs. We then negotiate with the carriers to offer these programs at competitive prices.

The value we bring is that we get to know your business. We get to know your staff. We learn about the challenges that your industry and your specific operation may face. We take this knowledge and use it in determining how to help you manage your risk. We effectively become your business insurance counselors.

Expect more out of your agent than simply a quote. Call us... let's work together. You know our story.

- Dave Comey




502 Bud Drive, Suite #105 | Chesapeake, VA 23322 | Phone: 757.673.3169 | Fax: 757.673.3269

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